Quality Policy

Satisfying customers’ needs and expectations by supplying on time relevant quality products is the priority of TPSC Asia Pte.Ltd..
This will be done through:
1.     Understanding of our Customers’ Needs 
·  Full understanding of our customers’ needs and provide them with products meeting their requirements
·  Regular follow-up of customers’ satisfaction level through their feedback.
·  Customers’ feedback and complaint, all claims will be properly investigated and Management will be accountable to implement corrective actions as soon as possible and when needed.
2.     Put in Place the Means 
·  Put in place by Management of a relevant organization to ensure good quality products. Investments will be allocated on yearly basis to maintain quality production on site. Employees will be adequately trained to perform their job in delivery quality products.
·  Establishment of quality requirements and ensure our suppliers, contractors comply with them. Suppliers’ evaluation will be regularly done.
3.     Motivation of Employees 
·  Focus on maximizing the quality of all our operations. Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and our long term success depends on it, there can be no complacency
·  Clear explanation to all employees on their roles and responsibilities in achieving our goals in term of quality. Management will set yearly targets, will follow them up on a monthly basis, and will communicate the results to all. Corrective actions will be immediately implemented in case of deviation.
·  Providing, implementing and communicating, quality work procedures aimed at proper industrial practice of quality output. Adequate training to be provided to all employees.
·  Providing incentive to all employees to act responsibly, with the community and our customers. Customer satisfaction being an ultimate goal at all times.
4.     Commitment to Continual Improvement 
·  Implementation of a Quality Management System and commitment to continuously improve its effectiveness (through process improvement, corrective actions following customers’ feedbacks …).
Regularly audit the Quality Management System, both internally and externally, and implement without any delay any corrective action highlighted during the audit.
General Manager